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Embark on a soaring career trajectory with South African Airways

Rise to New Heights with South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA), the national carrier of South Africa, is a multi-laurelled airline based in Johannesburg. We proudly serve multiple destinations, both locally and throughout the region. Taking flight initially on 1st February 1934, when the South African government took over Union Airways, our purpose has always been to be a crucial part of the country’s economy and a pillar of support for South Africa’s future success.

The Journey through the Skies

Come, soar with us through our 89-year flight path and see how diligence and tenacity have helped us navigate through historical turbulence and evolve with changing times. Today, we are not only a valuable member of the Star Alliance group but also an aviation powerhouse that commands respect globally.

Available Career Opportunities

Category Location Link
South African Based Opportunities Johannesburg, South Africa Click Here
Regional and International Opportunities Various Locations Click Here

Are you fired up to join us? Then access our Z83 application form here.

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