Phase 5 | Teachers assistants and School General Assistants (2024 Applications)

Eligibility to Apply for the Role of Teacher’s Assistant in Phase 5

Individuals interested in applying for the position of a Teacher’s Assistant in Phase 5 must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be within the age range of 18-35 years.
  • Be a South African resident with a legitimate RSA ID Card or book, or possess a valid passport or work permit.
  • Reside within a radius of 5km from the employing school. Ready exceptions are made for farm schools where the radius extends to 30 km.
  • Not share a household with another applicant. Only one application per household.
  • Fulfil all requirements specific to the position and its subcategories.
  • Complete allocated training days and work assignments.
  • Not currently be employed and must not be enrolled in part-time/full-time studies or learnerships.

In addition, applicants must not be recipients of government grants, have a clean record without any criminal history, and should not have been favoured due to close relations with the school staff.

How to Become a Teacher’s Assistant?

Role and Responsibilities of a Teacher’s Assistant

As a Teacher’s Assistant (TA), your responsibilities may vary based on your experience, TA status, and the school’s requirements. Yet, fundamentally, TAs provide crucial support to the teachers of their assigned school.

Typically, the duties of a teacher’s assistant may include:

Assisting with teaching activities in class.
Serving as a teacher’s administrative aide and assisting with lesson planning.
Creating engaging displays and preparing resources and classrooms for lessons.
Supporting the teacher in managing student behaviour and promoting a positive classroom environment.

Applying for the Position

If you do not have internet access, you can ring 0800 727 272 which is a toll-free number.

Click Here to Apply

The Department of Basic Education aims to offer equal opportunities and uphold affirmative action in employment. The intention is to encourage equity by filling all numerical roles outlined in the Employment Equity Plan. It is essential to reveal race, gender, and disability status during this process. Preference is generally given to underrepresented groups as per the DBE Employment Equity Targets. Women and individuals with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

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