People Support (HR) Generalist X1 Position at Pep Store

The Pep Store presents a remarkable opportunity for prospective candidates to fill the post of People Support (HR) Generalist. This role aims to provide extensive HR business partner support to all leaders and dynamos in the DC. The Generalist will also execute all People Support(PS) actions by syncing with the National PS DC Plan and ensuring all DC Leaders comply with PS policies, procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). These measures will guarantee the instillation of a high team performance via our culture of Sikhula KunYe.

Essential Qualifications

  • An emotionally mature, professional and independent HR professional who can work efficiently across multiple stakeholders in a pressured environment, with significant industrial relations experience
  • A tri-year Degree/National Diploma holder in Human Resource Management
  • HR Generalist with an experience of 3-5 years in a retail, logistics, manufacturing or related environment
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office & G-Suite

Prerequisite Skills

Skill Description
Leadership skills Must be capable of guiding and motivating a team effectively.
Team player, Communication skills Should work well with others and communicate effectively.
Confidentiality Must respect and maintain the privacy of work-related information.
Stress Tolerance, Detail Orientation Should manage stress well and pay attention to detail in work.
Problem Solving, Service Orientation Must be proactive in identifying and resolving problems, and committed to high-quality service delivery.

Core Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of a Strategic People Plan for the Distribution Centre that aligns with the Distribution Centre, Supply Chain, and 3 Year Business Growth Plans
  • Expertly advising DC Leadership on PS and people decisions, and contributing to the creation of policies and procedures
  • Keeping abreast of, anticipating, interpreting, and understanding the impact of changing macro and micro environments on people
  • Operationally supporting all PS-related interventions while leading and supervising the same
  • Conducting comprehensive PS functions, such as talent management, labour relations, performance management, etc.
  • Collaborating with DC leadership to create, implement, and manage a workplace communications programme that supports the annual DC Growth plan people priorities

The role also involves other diverse responsibilities such as developing relationships with management, shop stewards, and recognised union officials, and reinforcing a high-performance culture with Sikhula KunYe (Way of doing things) and PEP values.

To apply for the People Support (HR) Generalist X1 Position at Pep Store, click here. Applications are open until 12th January 2024.

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