Motus Aftermarket Parts General Worker Position

Gearing Up for a General Worker position at Motus Aftermarket Parts

Seeking a vibrant, dedicated and hard-working individual! Motus Aftermarket Parts Retail, a leader in the parts and accessories industry is on the hunt for an exceptional General Worker. This opportunity is based at our bustling premises in Jet Park. Candidates must exhibit strong work ethics as this role mandates responsibility in several areas including, but not limited to, merchandise receiving and merchandising.

Essential Prerequisites

  • Bearing a Grade 12 / Matric certificate is non-negotiable
  • Proficiency in using computer systems
  • Exhibiting high levels of honesty and integrity
  • Possessing effective communication skills
  • Ability to maintain calm and work efficiently under pressure
  • No prior criminal record

Key Duties and Responsibilities

The General Worker position encompasses a variety of tasks, promising a dynamic work environment with continuous learning opportunities:

  1. Ensuring the strategic binning of incoming merchandise
  2. Aiding in the replenishment of inventory – a critical task moving goods from bulk storage to pick-up points
  3. Supporting in assigning bin location numbers for new products within the correct warehouse area
  4. Aiding in tasks relevant to the replenishment functions
  5. Acting upon reasonable and lawful instructions related to work given by your supervisor
  6. Upholding procedures and protocols that ensure increased customer satisfaction
  7. Actively participating in stock-take procedures
  8. Assign scanners to all operators daily
  9. Conduct scanner check-outs and check-ins daily using an electronic app
  10. Report any scanner damage to the supervisor promptly
  11. Maintain a daily scanner issue spreadsheet to guarantee effective tracking

Ready to Apply?

Kickstart your journey with Motus Aftermarket Parts by applying online for the General Worker position right now. Act fast – the deadline is 13 January 2024!

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