Careers At ZZ2

ZZ2 operates as a comprehensive agricultural enterprise, providing a wealth of career avenues across its multiplicitous value chain. The organization prides itself with a fully-supportive Human Resource Department, which regularly serves not only ZZ2, but also extends its services to other companies within the ZZ2 Group. The HR Department is responsible for a vast array of functions such as personnel administration, recruitment processes, management of performance, maintenance of compliance, labour relations, and implementation of comprehensive skills development and training programs.

Production at ZZ2

ZZ2 is always on the lookout for individuals who can adeptly manage and efficiently implement the unique farming protocols established by the company. These protocols have been refined over years of technological development, research, and industry experience. Typically, skilled individuals with comprehensive understanding of planting, irrigation, encompassing plant protection, and harvesting are sought out for their expertise. There are several career lines open to such individuals including but not limited to the positions of agricultural engineers, agronomists, animal husbandry specialists, botanists, agricultural economics expert, entomologists, horticulture specialists, plant pathologists, project managers, farmers, and specialists in geographical information systems and soil science.

Packing at ZZ2

Position Fields of expertise
Packhouse Management Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Management, Administration, Millwright, Technician, Electrician, Construction and Maintenance, Food Accreditation Scientists

Another way that ZZ2 demonstrates its commitment to adding value for its customers is through bespoke packing services for the diverse markets it serves. The process is managed by a team of dedicated packhouse professionals boasting expertise in a range of fields including mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, logistics, management, administration, millwright, technician, electrician, construction, maintenance, and food accreditation science.

Marketing at ZZ2

Distribution and marketing of ZZ2 products require an integrated approach which covers a wide range of specialties such as distribution, transportation, accounting, logistics, IT, marketing, PR, graphic design, and event planning, to ensure that our produce reaches the right markets both domestically and internationally, delivering optimum value to all our customers.

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Interested candidates can also fill the Z83 application form.

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