Call Centre Agents X4 Positions at FNB in Johannesburg

First National Bank (FNB) in Johannesburg has availed four significant vacancies that present thrilling opportunities for aspiring Call Centre Agents. As an integral part of their dynamic workforce, you’ll be responsible for serving customers, identifying their needs, and providing guidance ensuring excellent customer service.

Pre-requisite Skills and Qualifications

Prospective Call Centre Agents are expected to meet the following prerequisites that underline the ability to successfully execute the responsibilities associated with the respective role:

Skill/Experience Description
Call Centre Exposure Prior experience in a call center environment is paramount for deeper insights into the role’s operations.
Insurance-related Customer Service Applicants with experience in addressing customer queries, relating to long-term insurance policies, will be preferred.
Customer-Centric Communication Experience dealing with customers directly over the phone or via email is desired. This includes taking clear instructions from, and making necessary amendments to, their policies.
Policy retention skills Experience in customer retention strategies, ensuring policy renewals and preventing policy cancellations.
Minimum Educational Qualification Applicants should be in possession of a matric certificate or an equivalent qualification. This ensures a foundational understanding of commerce, customer engagement strategies, and the broader insurance industry.
1 to 3 Years of Experience in Insurance Role Experience in customer-oriented roles within an insurance call center is preferred.

Skills Requirement

Your potential as a viable candidate will be assessed based on the following skills:

  • Insurance product knowledge: An understanding of the ins and outs of long-term insurance products.
  • Communication skills: Clear articulation of ideas and ability to decipher client needs.
  • Telephonic skills: Superior telephone etiquette endorsing better customer experience.

How to Apply?

To seize this career opportunity, click here and apply online for the Call Centre Agents X4 Positions at FNB in Johannesburg.

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